New-age artists of pop music

Music is qualified to be listed under the genre of pop music for reasons like being a hit song, being on the chart, being catchy and addictive. Back in the days, it used to be determined mostly by the number of copies that were sold and advertising albums and artists was mainly done on colorful posters, printed banners and music channels such as MTV. Now that times have changed, and the pop artists have an online presence. With platforms like YouTube and other music applications like apple music and Spotify, the artists can achieve popularity and get millions of views in a day. Many pop music artists are emerging every day with viral videos and music, but here are a few who have been an appeal to this generation millennials as well as teenagers.

Ariana Grande

The child TV star that turned into a pop music sensation has played a unique and inspiring role to many of her younger as well as older fans. She’s a bundle of talent passionate for music and writes her songs. The singer has written and made empowering songs like, ‘God is a Woman’, ‘Thank you, Next’, ‘Dangerous Woman’ and many more as such. These songs focus on owning up to who you are and being able to face the world as your true, complete self by learning from your mistakes. The music videos of these songs are as commendable as the songs and are a must-watch.



Queen B(Bey) of music is known all around the world, not only for her laudable work in the music industry but also for the way she carries herself. She is considered a goddess by her fans or the ‘BeyHive’ as they like to call themselves. With her music, she has made a permanent impact on pop music history. Beyonce empowered women and blacks through her music. She has inspired many artists to do the same. Beyonce is known for casually announcing her album release, and the fans take it ahead and create the hype it deserves from there.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga began as a songwriter at a very young age for other artists.  When she released her first single, she got a lot of praise for it, and it was both commercially and popularly acclaimed. Her songs that are evergreen and catchy are, ‘Poker face’, ‘Born this way’, ‘Telephone’ and many more. Lady Gaga is also a symbol of feminism. She is a rebel that is known for her quirky and freaky attires. She is a blend of innovation and courage, something that is rare.

There are many more pop artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Adele. They continue to contribute to the pop music and have been inspiring the society to be better. Do check out these artists and their work at your leisure, you will not regret it.